2018 Return to Iran

Return to Iran


April 2018, 

It’s been a few years since I and Reza (in my opinion THE best guide in Iran) have been able to organise a tour together and we’re not sure if there will be another one! So, we’ve tried to include as much as we can in this itinerary without making it too exhausting.

Iran is one of the least-understood countries in the world and always astonishes first-timers with the warmth and friendliness of its people, the magnificence of its traditional architecture and the depth and drama of its history.  It’s becoming more of a mainstream destination these days so come with me soon before it is truly swamped!

Highlights: Tehran’s best museums, including the incomparable State Jewels; the World Heritage Listed Tabriz bazaar; St Stephanos Armenian Church; Kerman and the Prince’s Garden; Yazd (Towers of Silence, Zoroastrian fire temples and historic old quarter), Persepolis and Shiraz; Isfahan (mosques historic bridges and fantastic shopping!)


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