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1. Wishlist Start with your travel wish list in order of importance. List out what you absolutely cant miss down to the do’s you are willing sacrifice if needbe.

2. Research The internet provides us with an unlimited range of information. Some useful, some confusing. Sites like tripadvisor are great to get a general view but always keep in mind that all comments made come back to expectations. The comments often have to be balanced against what was actually paid for the particular hotel or experience. Value for money is the key factor in every component of your trip.

3. Talk to fellow travellers. Especially your friends and like minded associates. Take note of the things they would do differently next time. Again its important to remember that one persons dream holiday can differ wildly from anothers. Also often the purpose of the trip is different. This year it may be a simple lie on the beach to escape your busy lifestyle next year you may be ticking off your bucket list and cycling alongside the Danube.

4. Communicate with your travel arranger. Keep in mind that great travel itineraries are created through open and honest communication. My commitment to you is we will give you as much time as it takes to get it right. Getting to know you my clients, your likes/dislikes is the most important component to creating your ultimate holiday.

Travel Tips

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