Arctic Cruises

 The Arctic Cruises

Travelling to the Arctic from New Zealand can be achieved in different ways and depends on what area within the Arctic Circle you would like to explore. The most popular tours are Greenland, the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic, the Russian Arctic and the North Pole.

The Arctic can be reached from the following countries: Norway, Iceland, Canada and Russia.

For Norway cruises, Longyearbyen, the largest settlement of the island of Spitsbergen, is the major thoroughfare for Arctic cruises visiting the “Spitsbergen” area. It is also departure point for most cruises to the North Pole.

Departure city for Canada cruises is Ottawa from where guests will board a charter flight to Iqaluit to board their cruise. From here you can explore the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.    

Iceland and Russia can also be used as departure points for cruises exploring the remote East, West and South of Greenland or the Russian Far East.

While an Arctic cruise is definitely an adventure in its own right, it’s also a great add-on to a Europe or a US and Canada holiday. It is also a great compliment to our Antarctica cruises.

Getting there:  For Norway (Spitsbergen) cruises, you would need to fly via Oslo or Tromso to Longyearbyen. There are a variety of major airlines flying from New Zealand to major hubs in Europe. For cruises that start or end in Iceland there are direct flights to Reykjavik from London as well as other European capitals including low cost carriers. Most cruises that include Greenland will usually start or end in either Longyearbyen or Reykjavik so the flights mentioned above would usually be used. Charter flights can also be included in the package, so best consult with us for the best advice.

For Canada, the easiest and most popular way for New Zealanders to get to Ottawa is via Vancouver with Air New Zealand or Air Canada or via Los Angeles with Air New Zealand, American Airlines or United. The Arctic is one of the world’s most extraordinary regions famous for its dramatic landscapes, uninhabited valleys and fascinating wildlife. Greenland, the least densely populated country in the world, and home to the largest national park in the northeast. If you travel in September you will even be able to witness the vivid displays of the Northern Lights.  The Canadian Arctic with its Northwest passage and its exploration continues to be a popular choice for many.

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