Tracey Bennett

My passion for travel really began when my Dad told me about his travels when he was my age. Hearing his stories and those of others who came back from holiday really made me envious!  At that point it didn't matter if it was to Australia or UK I just wanted to travel, little did I know that once I got the travel bug it was here to stay! 

After graduating it appeared jobs in the Travel Industry were hard to come by, but just a year after I completed high school I was lucky enough to have the chance to pursue this as a career.  I have been in the industry for 5 years now and have travelled to Australia, the Pacific Islands, Asia and the Americas. I have so many more destinations that I would like to visit, such as South America, the UK and Europe but it seems as though there aren't enough weeks in the year to get to them all. My  ultimate dream and bucket list destinations are the Greek Islands and an African Safari - who wouldn't love that! 

 Come on down and speak to myself or one of the team at My Travel Broker Timaru where we can start planning your next    adventure - there is no time like the present so why put off until tomorrow what you can do today! 


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